Air Conditioning & Heating System Maintenance

Maintenance of any electrical system is quintessential. Regular maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems would provide better system safety, reduce energy costs, improve system performance, extend the system life and prevent expensive breakdowns. Failing to do so may, in turn, require air conditioning replacement.

Although regular professional maintenance is essential, one can improve the units performance and save on energy costs by cleaning and replacing the air filters. Clean filters allow maximum air flow which increases performance efficiency. While indoor and outdoor units have different maintenance checklists, as a part of our comprehensive maintenance check-up, we:

  • Check the thermostat settings (to ensure comfort).
  • Tighten all electrical connections (to avoid short circuits).
  • Measure voltage and motor currents (to ensure safety).
  • Lubricate all motive parts (to increase friction and reduce electricity costs).
  • Inspect drains (to avoid water damage to the house).
  • Check the system controls and start cycle (to ensure safe and full operation of the system).
  • Inspect and replace air filters/blower components (to maximize system performance). Customer Supplied.
  • Check all gas and oil connections in heating systems (to avoid fire hazards).
  • Inspect burner assembly, heating elements and ignition system (to ensure safe operation).
  • Check all outdoor components like the fan motor and base pan (to ensure proper exhaust).
  • Check vent system and gas pressure (to ensure safe operation).
  • Check refrigerant levels (to increase performance and life of the unit).

We can also perform a detailed check while your system is operating to check for operational defects. We also suggest you with easy ways to perform small maintenance tasks for proper functioning of the system. With our regular maintenance checks and services, you can avoid heavy system breakdown costs.