Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement

After using a system for more than 10-12 years, it’s time to replace your heating and air conditioning unit. It is important to be extremely careful when you’re ready to buy, however. Some common mistakes that homeowners make while replacing their old systems are:

  • Buying the wrong size units.
  • Getting attracted to phony units at heavily discounted prices.
  • Not asking for a written guarantee.
  • Opting for shady and unreliable technicians working for pennies.

We, at Arizona Cold Air, provide you with reliable and trustworthy technicians who are professional and time efficient. Each of our employees have previously executed several heating and air conditioning service procedures, ensuring your system will be installed by experienced professionals.

Unlike most companies, we recommend you free diagnostic opinions on your dead units, help you select the right sized equipment and offer you a written quote (before purchase) and a written guarantee (after purchase) for your units. We provide professional installations the very next day that are usually completed within a day. Furthermore, the Annual Maintenance Plans that we provide ensure that your units are properly functional all around the year!

You can choose a unit from our wide range of high-quality systems from major brands like Rheem, American Standard and Frigidaire with extended factory warranties. We keep in mind the efficiency, measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and sell only energy efficient systems that suit your house. You will receive a personalized quote and also financing with low monthly payments (through an easy application process) for all replacement systems.

Stop worrying about your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems today and let us take care of them. Pick up the phone and call (480) 733-0845 for a free written estimate for all replacement units. For any further questions, you can also contact us through the website.